Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Sweet Seat Saddle offers Specialized Endurance & Trail Saddles and TW Saddlery Western & Trail Saddles

TW Saddlery & Specialized Saddles are known world-wide for light weight & comfort.   They are made on wooden trees with real leather and the best part is they are still MADE IN THE USA.  

TW Western Saddles feature the same patented 3-D fitting system proven for over a decade world wide by Specialized Endurance Saddles.   Horses change due to age, training & conditioning.  The adjustable fit system allows us to independently adjust each side of the saddle to match your horse's width, angle and arch.  Or, if needed the saddle can be adjusted to fit a completely different horse.

Pictured below, same saddle adjusted to fit two entirely different size horses.  Specialized Saddles are made by horse people, for horse people because we understand.

Specialized Saddles come in several different shapes, colors & sizes.  Occasionally, the right saddle is already in stock, but usually we order customized saddles for each individual horse & rider.  Saddle orders take between 2-4 months.  

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